Where We Live

It’s a beautiful world. What can we do to keep it that way?

Great Falls National Park
Great Falls National Park includes the old C&O canal which opens to a small lake called wide water. This pristine view is a few miles from the seat of government in Washington, DC,

View of Hong Kong
Winner of Life Framer Competition, December 2021
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A center of world trade and tourism for 1000 years, it was bombarded by former Yugoslav countrymen, in a brief war, as recently as 1992.
Pea Island, Cape Hatteras, NC
Palouse Farms
Eastern Washington state is remarkably different than the western, more urbanized part of the state.

A hill town was built layer on layers of street and floor slab. The lower layers were carved out of the tufa, solidified lava, from relatively recent (500,000 years) volcanic actions. Beyond the walls of the city, an extensive array of streets called ‘vie cave’ were carved in the tufa and are still open, as they were in the Etruscan era, 2500 years ago. There is evidence that the vie cave exist below the many layered city as well.
5000 Years Home:
On Main Island, Orkney, Scotland, an ancient group of communal type stone dwellings, known as Scara Brae, were unearthed by a storm. The builders of the18th century home, were not aware of the existence of this ancient ‘settlement’, predating Stonehenge and just about everything else in the British Isles.
What is the real cost of living the way we choose to live?

Spring is the time of the Cherry Blossom festival