Strathmore Monuments

Creative Forces

A video projection of portraiture graced the lawns of Strathmore Campus in Bethesda, MD, in October 2020. The Australian installation artist, Craig Walsh brought to life local living artists important to the Strathmore community of performers, artists, musicians. The projections were carefully aimed at trees – turning them into “animated sculptural monuments”. In themselves the projections are a unique visage, moreover, poignant in an era of public scrutiny of monuments. The intrigue of these thoughtful, temporary images, in the tranquil urban setting, might suggest they be memorialized permanently. Of course they could not, abetting the mystery, and intrigue of a captivating but momentary reality. Thus, an ideal opportunity for still photography.

The transitions of the autumnal season (falling leaves) were unpredictable, dramatizing the evanescence. For events in the landscape, night photography can be challenging. Photography requires time exposures, or very high ISO values, and either can compromise picture quality. The presentation videos are continuous 8 minute video recordings of the artists’ faces – they smile, blink, yawn, smirk or snooze, and incessant breezes, defy lengthy time exposures. Thoughtful planning by Strathmore curators provided an open opportunity for public enjoyment, and, for serious photographers.

Monument to Be Steadwell (Singer Song Writer)
Monument to Yoko K. Sen (Sound Alchemist)

Monument to Darryl Davis (Piano Peace Maker)
The Strathmore Campus
During the Projection Project