…or, Black and White, uses black, gray and white, or a desaturated color in tones from black to white. Photography began in monochrome but it persists for its abstraction, for accuracy when color distracts, for its aesthetic, and often, for nostalgia.

Eiffel Tower Scope overlooking Paris, one of the happiest of man made places
Airedale Puppy

Bailee’s Run Home

Undulating Road in the Palouse, Washington State
Scott and Steven, brothers who grew up apart, attended Grandma’s funeral together. Sepia tones give a special representation of reality in portraits. Faces appear more real because the color red in sepia ink is also found in natural skin tones. At one time, limited with the use of black ink on paper, newspapers utilized this technique.
Mt. Ranier, Washington State
Dance with Me
The classical 19th century Reichstag in Berlin was dramatically redesigned in the 20th century modern style with extraordinary features.