Photos, like any information, may not always appear real. And illusory images may seem real, authentic. The light suggests, imagination intervenes, and in the end, these camera images are ruthlessly realistic.


There are thousands of chapels in Greece. Most are modest, in size, in their execution, and in the materials. Unpredictably, this design appears in a small apse attached to a chapel of circular floor plan. The articulation of painted plaster shapes gives an impression of cut jewels. Rectangular tiles at the bottom of this arc are of the ceiling above and beyond the apse.

Spidey’s World:
A rare view of the tiniest dew drops on a spider web, decorated by spectra from direct sun.

Susquehanna River Breakwater

It can take a lot to create the inexplicable, so beautifully, and worry later about its impact.


Concrete buttresses under the Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janiero

They warn about dancing too close together, so it is hard to resist composing a number of separate images too close together.
LONELY GNARLY MAN, The trunk of a thornbush tree near the Atlantic Ocean suggests a…..

MOMEMTARY SCRIPT Time exposure of the bottom of a waterfall reveals tracery of delicate lines (reflected light from bubbles) created in a fraction of a second.

CAR WASH Passengers can still stay in car while the vehicle passes through the carwash. Everchanging arrays of light, brushes and soapy water on windows are captured in multiple images and composited.