artwork has a name, a purpose, it tells a story or makes a statement, suggests an idea, all in recording a moment. Important art is undeniable, sometimes goes viral, and some has long term appeal. If you Allow art to capture your imagination, it becomes irresistable.

Reality defines the character of the photograph. Photojournalists, for one, provide truth by avoiding modifications in their pics. Truth be said, some of the pics here are modified to assist in rendering a vision. Photo images must convey Reality and truth even when modified.

The PORTFOLIO pics are from many different cameras. But no camera creates by itself. Even the most advanced camera records only a fraction of what any human eye sees. But technology is a glorious agent for visualization, some cameras are art forms themselves, and, they are just a Toy, sometimes.

Top of the Maple
Literally, at the top of a Japanese Maple, happened upon by chance, early in the fall

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