Composites are a combination of two or more photos. Digital photographs are easily mated up with software to provide highly realistic images, that in fact, never existed quite as shown. These are harmless artistic imaginings. However, modifying photos to mis-represent their meaning for profit or gain, is reprehensible and not acceptable. Some of these photos may in ways suggest a future, or possible outcomes for artistic purposes.

Airedale puppies digging holes together
One pup loved the beach on a first visit. The indirect light and atmosphere on a cloudy day made it possible to take shots looking northerly as well as southerly, of the same dog, same hole, seconds apart. Photoshop editing tools smoothed out the backgrounds and foregrounds in the compositing.


An array of similar (but not identical) overhead beach shots for purely decorative purposes.

Runner in Shadow

In this view of Virginia beach, 2 photos from above of similar (but not identical) locations are combined to suggest an array of building shadows that do not represent the place as it is now, or could possibly ever, exist.



Two similar views of the tide and sky are combined to suggest a reality where two oceans collide, leaving only a thin patch of beach for the landlubber.


Sandbars are popular vacation spots in Atlantic coastal waters, linear land masses 1 to 2 miles off the mainland. Geologists say the bars, like the tides, are subject to periodic shifts, eastward and westward, such that the land masses are completely displaced every 100 centuries – about 10,000 years. Not an effect of climate change per se, but the shifts in land mass would have predictably dire effects upon fave beaches, not to mention developed real estate. One interpretation of this photo is a foreboding of an imperiled sand bar mass, water encroaching from both sides. Some artifacts of former residential development remain. Yet the beach, the water, and sky retain their beauty.